Best In Class FLEET

Custom built pharma quality compliant trucks with best in class containers and reefer units.
AMC and FMC will take care of the preventive and scheduled maintenance of the fleet.



Trucks older than 2 years will not be deployed for our pharma customers leading to increased reliability and low chances of breakdown.
Hybrid system of active and passive cooling which ensures zero case of temperature deviation.

  • Dedicated fleet of Refrigerated vehicles
  • Multi Temperature Vehicles
  • Fleet of Eutectic Vehicles
  • Last mile distribution facilitation, multi-mode for air shipment
  • Customized milk Run

Manpower Assurance

  • The key element that is responsible directly for the delivery of service is the DRIVER.
  • We have put in place a stringent driver selection process to ensure the best quality driver delivers the committed service levels.
  • Not only do we source drivers responsibly we further train them on safe driving techniques, provide them product knowledge thereby educating and taking their buy in on agreed service level.
  • Standard Operating Procedures are designed in consultation with customers and put in place such that there is no scope for drivers to deviate.